Community Service and Involvement

In an effort to serve the community, C. Curtis Financial Group has developed educational programs for corporations and charitable institutions helping them to better serve their clients and members.

Insurance and Asset Management Strategies

C. Curtis Financial Group has been serving vibrant adults and seniors over the age of fifty in helping to secure their retirement. We provide a FREE risk analysis and income analysis to each individual/couple, as well as seldom taught strategies, which can be helpful towards living a successful retirement.

Tax & Estate Planning Strategies

Good financial plans should always incorporate tax and estate planning. Unlike most financial services firms, C. Curtis Financial Group helps clients with new cutting edge strategies for reducing both there Income Tax as well as Estate Tax, in addition to helping build wealth for a more secure retirement.

Health Care & 401K Planning Strategies

  • Lower Your Cost of Benefits
  • Improve Employee Moral With Quality Benefits
  • Annual Benefits Review
  • Free Educational Workshops

*Kalos Capital, Inc. does not provide tax or legal advice. The opinions and views expressed here are for informational purposes only. Please consult with your tax and/or legal advisor for such guidance.